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a sign, an indication of something, a clue, an appearance befitting a specific situation or event.
how did she know you were hot for her?
err, that clue was a serious tell tale, I guess
by yuviken May 05, 2010
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Oh you’re just being alive? I’m horny too
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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Having to choose a difficult choice; developing an outcome that includes seperation or fatality of a living being, based on the game company Telltale that features games consisting the above definition.
You guys pulled a Telltale on me.
by definitelynotsufi January 30, 2019
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That asshole that tells on you in class and gets you into trouble, very similar to the fun-sucker they are incredibly stupid and you want to slap them round the face with a bat.

They never leave your classes and stay there all through middle school from year 7 to 11.
It’s a telltale, there she is!

Karen is a telltale.
by Criticalxp September 06, 2019
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That scumbag you want to beat up with a spiky baseball bat for telling you off.
Most common in elementary/ middle school, this word can be used as an insult to liar.
guy 1 "that prick across the road told the teacher that i had weed in class."
Guy2 "man that dick is such a telltale. Everyone knows that you don't smoke weed, but on shrooms all the time!"
Guy 1 "man, fuck you!"
Guy 2 "telling!"
The next part is too violent.
by Middleskwldood January 26, 2017
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