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6 definitions by d-bo

1.When one achieves a penile erection whilst wearing sweat pants, making the erection extremely noticeable
2.a stiffness of the sweat pant
1." I can't get up right now, everyone will see my sweat pant boner."
by d-bo January 17, 2004
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I am d-bo I am from Roselle Park, but im not a "Fag" im a pimp who steels bikes and jewelry. D-bo means
A. Nasty
B. Double Nasty
C. Thug Nasty
Yo that playa is one gansta d-bo.
by d-bo April 9, 2003
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Girl: what do you think of my cooking?
Boy: iryano
Girl: what?
Boy: it means perfection
by d-bo February 13, 2022
Get the iryano mug. insult, refers to a lobster(usually blue)that dwells most of their life in a human asshole
2.similar to Zelda's Skulltula, it is a lobster who typically clings vertically on the buttocks of a human
3. Tom scott, of Patchogue
1.Tom Scott is a butt lobster
2. I can hear the clicking, but i cant see the butt lobster
by d-bo January 17, 2004
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