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To blantantly steal someone or something from another person.
1)Yo, that cat straight up D-Bo'd my girl.
2)I'll D-Bo his chair when he get's up.
by Karsten July 16, 2003
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In the movie Friday the character D Bo stole everybodys stuff. So now it is used in the same way, for instance - Dang boy that kid just D Bo ed your watch.
by Murda 1 October 09, 2005
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(v.) to steal, to pilfer, to aquire without the expressed consent of the owner through rough tactics
You know I had to d'bo bra for tha bike.
by Shipp December 03, 2003
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-noun Dead Ball Out. In slow pitch softball when the maximum allowance of team homeruns has been met, any further homeruns will count as an out. Any homeruns exceeding the limit will be declared a dead ball out, or DBO, by the umpire. Frequently, DBO offenders can be quoted as saying "Screw the team, I'm going deep."
Swing lost the state championship for his team because he hit a game ending DBO with the tying run on third base.
by Andruzzi November 06, 2007
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DBO a bulk mutha fucka.

DBO means to take it away from to use force to get what u want.
Haha you pussy you got DBO ed .
by slaung March 27, 2005
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nasty ass gangsta with weird eyes stealin all yo shiz when yo trying to chill wit yo cronies on the front porch
I was trying to chill with my cronies and D-BO came by and stole the gold chain I tried to hide, he D-BOed and rode away on the D-BO bicycle.
by check it April 08, 2003
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