To blantantly steal someone or something from another person.
1)Yo, that cat straight up D-Bo'd my girl.
2)I'll D-Bo his chair when he get's up.
by Karsten July 16, 2003
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nasty ass gangsta with weird eyes stealin all yo shiz when yo trying to chill wit yo cronies on the front porch
I was trying to chill with my cronies and D-BO came by and stole the gold chain I tried to hide, he D-BOed and rode away on the D-BO bicycle.
by check it April 9, 2003
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The pimp who steals everyones jewelry and bikes
I was chillin on the porch when D-bo rolled up and stole the chain my mommma gave me
by D-bp February 22, 2003
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A diss or a burn. Used when a person's diss is so good, the other person has no comeback.
Person: Yo momma got her purse stolen at the club last night

Everyone else in unison: Ooooh, D-bo!
by Inquisitor911 May 4, 2005
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The baller who be takin all yo sheeit while u chill on the porch
D-bo done came by and D-bo'd my chain and my bicycle
by Brad February 22, 2003
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some Fag in roselle park that plays in the band International Orange
I went to do D-bo and his cats last night
by Smoochies April 9, 2003
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I am d-bo I am from Roselle Park, but im not a "Fag" im a pimp who steels bikes and jewelry. D-bo means
A. Nasty
B. Double Nasty
C. Thug Nasty
Yo that playa is one gansta d-bo.
by d-bo April 9, 2003
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