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1.A place where all of your dreams can come true, or you could get shot dead at a stoplight.

2. A town in which 96.8% of the male population over 16 are equipped with an above average penis length and girth.
Example #1: A man finds a way to cure cancer.
Shocked (happily) Woman: "He must be from Patchogue!"

Example #2: A man pulls up to stoplight that is giving the Stop signal. As the man goes to change the radio station, a man shoots him dead, then steals his radio.

Example #3: A perfect looking guy runs passed three attractive women on the beach in nothing but a speedo.
Girl_1: "Did you see how big that thing was?!"
Girl_2: "He MUST be from Patchogue!"
Girl_3: Still watching the guy run down the beach.
by chem1cal June 09, 2008
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