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describing schlecc
schlecc: hello
everyone: SCHLE EC C!!!
schlecc: *bussin*
by cruster duster March 2, 2021
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Possibly, and quite probably, the best car ever built. Superior to every other car, especially anything made by saab.
someone: yo is that a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle Super Bug
me: yezir
every female within a 50 mile radius: please take me for a ride in your 1973 Volkswagen Beetle Super Bug
by cruster duster March 3, 2021
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A word to describe basically anything bad about anything.

Origins in Ohio from a group of teenagers complaining about a ton of stuff, and forming a very exclusive group called "crust gang"
Person 1: This school is so bad..\
Person 2: Yeah its crusty
by cruster duster December 2, 2019
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