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Existentialism in its purest form is any philosophy which states that existence precedes essence; that is to say, that there is no inherent purpose in life (though normally this is not carried through to nihilism.). It also states that the physical world does not necessarily precede the conscious state, as a conscious mind must find itself in a world to attain consciousness in any meaningful state.
Nihilism is an extreme version of existentialism, as are most forms of solipsism.
by crabbadon October 18, 2007

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A person of half-jew half-hindu descent; that is, someone who always disappoints their mother no matter how many times they reincarnate.
Zeev from the Guild is a hinjew.
by crabbadon February 25, 2011

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An abbreviation of Christian. Purported to have any number of derivations, such as from Latin, or because the letter resembles a cross, but the actual origin is from the greek letter beginning his name, chi, which is written similar to x.
Many conservative xtians, especially in the Catholic church, are against abortion, while some liberal xtians feel that the quality of life is more important than its sanctity.
by crabbadon March 05, 2009

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In the mainly gay, mainly fetish and leather community, someone who 'keeps house' in exchange for bed and board, often with a sexual and/or D/s relationship attached. Compare sugar daddy.
Pat noticed his houseboy hadn't done
by crabbadon August 07, 2010

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Often used to refer to non-Christian religions, non-Abrahamic religions or religions outside the major world religions, the better common usage is to refer to any nature-based religion], or native European religion.

However, the proper usage refers to the earth-worshipping, largely matriarchal religions of pre-Christian eastern celtic Europe (applied to modern revivals of these religions such as the Cult of the Goddess, Wicca or Druidry, it is properly neopagan), and distinguishes these from the Northern and Easter European beliefs such as Asatru or Germanic Heathenism, which are properly heathen.
Ancient Druidry is a good example of a pagan faith
by crabbadon March 19, 2007

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RPG slang: A goblin or goblinoid
We're level seven now, stop tossing geebas at us.
by crabbadon December 11, 2007

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Satanism refers to a wide range of mostly left-handed faiths, including (but not limited to):
a) Reverse Christianity
b) Setianism
c) Sat/tanism
d) Luciferianism (or original satanism)
e) LaVeyan satanism
f) Symbolic (or modern) satanism.
As a short description of each:
The most readily-recognised of these is reverse christianity. This refers to those who espouse vice rather than virtue and act in all ways to perform 'evil'. However, it is also the minority.

After that, LaVeyan satanism is the next most easily recognised. LaVeyan satanism is an ethical egoist organisation (that is, it supports the idea that the individual should serve themselves). It also contains a sense of pantheism, in that it holds that all people are connected to power and can use it to perform magic. It is based on the satanic laws of the earth, and was founded by LaVey.

Luciferianism is the veneration of Lucifer as a positive role. It derives from Gnosticism (a christian sect which believed that God was pure wisdom, and we should seek this wisdom), some members of which decided that God could not possibly be wise and that it was Lucifer who should be venerated, as a positive, wisdom-bringing deity.

Sat/Tanism is more obscure. The name is a pun on "being and becoming", and is a combination of self-venerating practices and earth magic ultimately aimed at apotheosis (becoming a god).

Setianism is a mystery cult (a religion in which one is initiated into higher and higher levels, a little like freemasonry), based around the veneration of Set, from the Egyptian pantheon.

Finally, Symbolic satanism is a catch-all term for anti-theistic or self-venerating practices, often involving magic.
a) Alfie is a reverse christian. He does evil for evil's sake.
b) Beth is a Setianist. She's about to take another initiation in following Set.
c) Craig is a Sat/tanist. He thinks he's found the road to apotheosis; we'll see.
d) Diana is a Luciferian. She venerates Lucifer in the hope that he will save her soul and grant her wisdom.
e) Ethel is a LaVeyan satanist. She follows the Eleven Laws of Satanism, and will act in her self-interest whenever possible.
f) Frank is a symbolic satanist. He performs ritual magic and hopes to perfect himself, but doesn't claim a long pedigree for his faith.
by crabbadon March 05, 2009

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