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Similar to a "Donkey Punch" but done during oral sex. While receiving oral sex from your partner slap your thighs together as hard as you can with their head right in between them. Make it count and try and do it right before you orgasm for that "little extra" as they clench up around your genitals. Best done while laying down on your back and your feet flat on the bed or surface you are laying on to give you optimal slapping power.
"I was going down on my girlfriend last night and she totally mule slapped me right when she was about to cum and made my ears ring."
by cpdcrsdr August 14, 2009
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Someone who inadvertently traps someone into a boring or annoying conversation.
Every time I go out to a cocktail party I end up bumping into the converapist at the party who insists on talking to me about politics for 3 hours.
by cpdcrsdr May 01, 2010
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What you jokingly call gay people to guilt trip them for not wanting to hang out with you for being straight.
"You just don't want to hang out with me and my friends because we are straight huh? You're such a straighater."
by cpdcrsdr April 20, 2010
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Trapping someone and forcing them to engage in a conversation with you in order to agitate or piss them off. Might be done without you knowing that you are actually annoying the other person in which case you are then a converapist.
Brady cornered the snobby girl in the bar and converaped her into place.
by cpdcrsdr May 01, 2010
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A Dirty Pervert. The highest level of pervert.
That guy is such a dirvert. He kept looking at porn on his laptop during the office meeting.
by cpdcrsdr November 25, 2010
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Those little gross smelly yellow chunks of rotten food that you cough up sometimes. Consider it a throat booger.
As I was talking to the manager I accidentally coughed up a scrump that landed on his desk.
by cpdcrsdr January 22, 2013
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