4 definitions by cosmicgaming

When you take a shit all so mighty that you may hit your head on a wall or floor.Then as you process to shit your penis is in the toilet water and as you flush it gets sucked and swirled in the water below.
When i was at Camp I took The Biggest Super Saiyan dump and it felt gross
by cosmicgaming January 29, 2016
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Its like a slut but much worse. This is also a way of calling a person a slut in public or (if you're young) in front of your family.
"Dude that girl looks like a fucking sloot." (mom and dad) "what?" slut cocksucker
by cosmicgaming January 23, 2016
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When you mix various substances into your semen (doesnt have to be yours). Then drink the sweet nectar you just made.
In the morning i need a pick me up so i make a protein wank
by cosmicgaming September 12, 2016
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A man cumming on a stove and making it into a pancake and simply feeding it to a girl.
Dude i just gave shaniqua some Miami pancake mix if u know what i mean.
by cosmicgaming August 10, 2015
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