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A Palestinian city in the West Bank with a vibrant history. Bethlehem is considered by many to be the birthplace of Jesus. It has been home to one of the largest Christian communities in the Arab World for centuries and is a popular spot of tourism. In Arabic Bethlehem is بيت لحم (BAYT LA-hem) and means "city of meat" or "city of bread". It has been under the rule of the Palestinian Authority since 1995, however the city remains vulnerable to increasing Israeli settlements as well as the separation wall Israel is building.

According to the International Court of Justice, Bethlehem is in Palestine not in Israel, so please stop saying Bethlehem is in Israel when it's not. Study the United Nations Charter and Geneva Convention if you think otherwise.
Samira went to Bethlehem this Christmas to pray in the Church of the Nativity and see her family. Unfortunately, the Israeli soldiers would not let her pass through the checkpoint, so she had to leave two weeks early.
by ConservatismSucks December 14, 2009
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The first definition is all wrong. May Day (or Mayday) is actually an anarchist and labor holiday, the true labor day, and has nothing to do with state communism.

The story of May Day:

In early May of 1886, anarchist and labor activists rioted in Haymarket Square in Chicago in the name of winning an eight-hour workday. During that time, most capitalist bosses required their workers to work for 14 hours a day with little breaks or days off. During the riot, someone threw a bomb. Five anarchists were accused of bomb-throwing or a conspiracy to do such and were tried, later convicted, and hanged. May Day became a day to remember their sacrifice as well as the sacrifices of all laborers who must work under the conditions of wage slavery.
During May Day, the anarchists, labor unionists, and immigrant groups held a large rally in the middle of the city to show solidarity.
by ConservatismSucks May 05, 2010
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Christian university started by televangelist Pat Robertson. Originally called "CBN University" (interestingly named after the TV channel), the goal of this institution is to turn out Christian Neoconservative drones in hopes of putting them into positions of power (such as in DC, Hollywood, news media, etc.). This became apparent after the Monica Goodling scandal, which revealed hundreds of Regent grads working in the Bush Administration. Most of the classes at Regent focus on applying right-wing Christian ideals to politics, law, and the media.

Regent considers its law school to be better than that of Harvard, yet it is so poorly ranked it's a joke. A degree from Walden University will get you more job opportunities than a degree from this place. It is ranked lower than a ttt and its students' reviews are even worse. However, the people at Regent know this, which is why they create massive amounts of propaganda to make the school look better than it is. They like to brag about beating Harvard Law students in competitions, but when it comes to who gets the better careers after school, Regent alumni can hardly get up there.

By the way, John Ashcroft is now a Regent faculty. That alone should make you think.
Marty: I'm going to UPenn. Where are you going?

Timmy: Sucks. My parents are making me go to Regent University, because they think if I go anywhere else I'll turn into a dirty liberal hippie who wears keffiyehs and protests capitalism.

Marty: Man, that really blows.

Timmy: Yeah. They want me to be a lawyer, so they tell me I have to stay at Regent for law school, too.

Marty: Well, good luck working McDonald's for the rest of your life.
by ConservatismSucks September 04, 2009
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Formerly known as "Full Sail Real World Education", Full Sail is another for-profit diploma mill. Usually, Full Sail guarantees its students an automatic way into the entertainment industry if they can shell out $50,000 a year. Unfortunately, no one takes Full Sail graduates seriously, in fact most people don't even consider it a real school.
I went to Full Sail University and all I got was a crummy piece of paper (receipt) that won't get me hired anywhere.
by ConservatismSucks November 20, 2009
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Hu Jintao (Chinese: 胡錦濤) is the current capitalist dictator (or revisionist dictator) of China. Despite what many people will say, Hu is a communist in name only, as most of the industry under his rule is privately owned as opposed to state-owned. He has been labeled as one of the world's worst dictators by several publications and is known for implementing censorship of the Chinese internet. He is also known for continuing the practice of turning China into a place of sweatshops and not of people's needs.
Hu Jintao is busy chipping away at all the communist reforms promised to China by Mao Zedong. If Mao could see what Hu has done to China he would cry.
by ConservatismSucks December 31, 2009
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A well-known diploma mill located in Colorado, famous for being the alma mater of creationism activist Kent Hovind. The school has never been accredited by any accreditation institution and even claims it has no wish to be. The school sells degrees in such far-ranged topics as Christian education and missionary studies. The main classroom building resembles a trailer park home. In order to get into this school, all you need is a checkbook and a pen.
Erica couldn't get into Regent University since her high school GPA was a 1.04, luckily she got into Patriot Bible University.
by ConservatismSucks December 19, 2009
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Private property is basically the stuff you, and only you, own but do not participate in using yourself though you get whatever benefit that stuff contributes to. For example, a factory is the private property of a factory owner, though the factory owner (boss) doesn't actually work within the factory and instead hires people (wage laborers) to work in the factory producing stuff, though the boss collects whatever profit the workers in the factory produce.

It is also know as "impersonal property" and is considered the defining part of capitalism. Anarchists (most notably P.J. Proudhon) and communists contrast private property with personal property, personal property being things like the house you live in, your bed, your guitar, your computer, your shoes, etc. which you are actively using for yourself and thus have the right to exclude others. Private property on the other hand creates an illegitimate authority and, according to them, must be abolished.
My boss operates an apple orchard on acres and acres of private property he inherited from his parents and hires us to harvest all the apples for him, and while he makes a great deal of money off the apples he pays those of us who actually pick the fruit $6 an hour, but he's able to because he owns the orchard.
by ConservatismSucks June 11, 2010
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