A very tasty dessert. Mainly eaten after dinner. Can be used for other purposes. There are also Chocolate Kochs, Double Chocolate Kochs, and Triple Chocolate Kochs for the crazy peoples. There are vanilla Kochs but the Chocolate is most popular.
Chocolate Kochs, Vanilla Kochs,Double Chocolate Kochs.
by Nodnarb1222 April 10, 2011
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When u r jus chillin around your yard.
Tanisha: Wat you up to
J: jus koching, dya wanna go out
Tanisha: Yea cuz i am jus koching too n its sorta boring!!!
by Friskee July 5, 2006
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1. To hang around / stay / chill somewhere or with someone.

2. When a place is nice to stay.
1. I'm koching with my boys.

2. This place is a koch.
by anonymoses April 2, 2006
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When your girlfriend gets fired so you threaten your boss by telling your coworkers your going to have your Czechoslovakian buddies from Cleveland come down to beat his ass with lead pipes and they’ll find chunks of his body in the ditches the whole way back to Cleveland but not to realize they report you to the manager that fired her and your now on a 1 year probation.
Man I’m on a 1 year probation now cause I pulled the Koch on my boss!!
by Srdjan69 October 19, 2020
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A handjob in a crowded bar from a homely looking girl that closely resembles a blueberry.
Man I got a Koch last night at McFaddens.
by Thompsawitz March 29, 2009
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An affectionate term for either a friend or acquaintance who then in turn refers to you as Dinkins in their reply.

see also "Dinkins"
"What up koch?"
"Pass that shit koch!"
by Czar Mikhail April 17, 2003
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Enjoys receiving anal pleasure and/or blumpkins. Often cannot stop studying chemistry, yet he has the largest testicles known to man.
Holy shit koch, you have to stop blumpkining and studying.
by Strumdingler February 2, 2005
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