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A dark, gleaming energy that surrounds a person, place, or thing, making it inevitable that shit will hit the fan. If something or someone is cursed by crystal magic, you better find a way to reverse the curse before it's too late!
Computer: Glitches and neglects to save your work before closing
Student: FUCK! This crystal magic piece of shit is fucking CURSED! GOD DAMMIT!!!!!

Computer: I'm about to end this student's whole career!
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by coffee_by_the_pot March 23, 2021

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The school district of Averill Park, New York where students can scream the N-Word and not get in trouble. Here, you will see fifteen-year-olds making bank by growing their own cannabis in the woods.
If the APCSD cooking ladies don't have that speedbag arm fat, you know your lunchtime munchies will be ruined by shitty food!
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by coffee_by_the_pot June 08, 2021

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There's decent and respectful/respectable overweight people, and then there's FUPA-bitches. These people only care about their own opinion and putting down others because they have their own downfalls.
Damn, that FUPA-bitch has been yelling at me in the middle of the Target clothing section or five whole minutes now!
by coffee_by_the_pot March 21, 2021

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Pretty much the male version of a Karen
Jesus fuuuck that man-karen threatened to hit me with his plow blade if I went thirty on his road with a twenty-five limit
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by coffee_by_the_pot January 21, 2021

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A slang term for a state police officer. Often thought of as offensive by the "blue lives matter" crowd (Blue lives do NOT exist! Blue is merely the color of a fucking jacket!).
Driver: I have to watch my speed because there's a fupa troopa up ahead!
State trooper: On the side of the road
Driver: Goes 60 in a 45 zone
State trooper: Wheee whoooo wheeeee whoooooo!!!!!!!!! (Lights flashing)
Driver: GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!
State trooper: PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!!!!!!!!
by coffee_by_the_pot June 14, 2021

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A former milling town turned toxic dump that some people still call a city for some reason. Full of white wannabe gangsters and people who mistakenly think they can start a profitable business there.
Person 1: Where can I get those pills on the low-low?

Person 2: Just ask any mediocre SoundCloud rapper! I can get someone to deliver!
Person 1: Where you from by the way?
Person 2: I'm in Clifton Park, but I can already tell that you're from Troy, New York.
Person 1: So you can have someone.......

Person 2: Yuuuck... Not worth it... FUUUUCK that... Just no... (hangs up)
by coffee_by_the_pot April 11, 2021

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Hand-rolled cigarettes often rolled by underage smokers, made with tobacco, but cut with herbs like mint, raspberry leaves, and even catnip to save money and 'baccy. Kind of like crab spelled with a "K."
I ran out of Newports and Marlboros last night, but I can spare you a cigamaret rolled with tobacco from cig butts and a nice shaking of kitchen herbs!
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by coffee_by_the_pot March 30, 2021

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