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Reffered mainly to mafia and gangs. Sending men to surround a block with dozens of cars full of men, and firing at the block until it is leveled.
Hymie Weiss's gang hit the block that Al Capone was dining at with a friend, but no one was hurt.
by cj October 17, 2003
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cj the noob who pwns your ass and an awesoem anime
CJ watched the anime initial d while pwning
by cj April 18, 2005
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strictly in the gay male community, person who sees words backwards, and also licks dicks suffers from dicklixia
Bruce has trouble reading his Gay Pride monthly because he has a bad case of dicklixia
by cj February 22, 2006
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When a chick gives a guy a RimJob (RJ), moves slightly and nibbles/licks giving the Gooch some Action (GA), and then moves slightly again to give the guy a BlowJob (BJ). These three thing together in that order are called giving someone "the initials."
My girlfriend came over last night and gave me the initials. First she licked my ass, then played with my gooch, and finally she gave me a blowjob.
by cj January 09, 2004
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they wear rockports and a fucking stupid cap that points to thye sky. Come owt wiv shit words like boonies(cigarettes) and lower(money). The girls are pregnant by the time they are 16 and they are normally found hanging about scum council estates. they are all thick and consider getting one GCSE a real challange. This is because they are kicked out of school before they reach 12 years of age. they have also got a fascination with fake burberry.
townie: 'ere mate have you got and boons?
normal person:no sorry
townie:so any boons i can find on you i can have.
and then they assault you.
by cj February 23, 2004
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