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compact and reliable submachine gun popular in miami in the 80's.
"I used to drive an ac and kept a mac in the engine."
by chronos February 22, 2003

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plural form of "crack", multiple crack rocks.
by chronos February 22, 2003

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A Mass Ritual slaughter place, also a fantastic former band from Hertfordshire, could have reshaped metal as we know it.
Place the 100 cattle in the Hecatomb
HecatomB were amazing
by Chronos February 02, 2004

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(v) to tweak or fiend, but in a context where the boundaries between objects are obscured, ambiguous, and where fusing with objects becomes inevidable.

(v) to peer into other meanings
i stepped into the checkered black and white room - the dude was z-keying so hard just going out of control... i shut the door just as i saw his face fuse briefly into the chrome sphere
by chronos December 05, 2004

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Pertaining to real time strategie games, rather than attacking each other in the early stages of the game, opponents wait and build large armies.
This game was a macrofest, no one attacked each other for a long time.
by Chronos December 20, 2010

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chemically laced cigarette - cigarette dipped in formaldahyde, crack residues, pcp, etc
"the swizzle stick burned with a strange white flame when i ignited it and took a drag."
by chronos May 27, 2004

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