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A Mass Ritual slaughter place, also a fantastic former band from Hertfordshire, could have reshaped metal as we know it.
Place the 100 cattle in the Hecatomb
HecatomB were amazing
by Chronos February 02, 2004
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A former popular card game with its distinctive 5 sided cards. The game is about using all these monsters and upgrades, kinda like the asshat Pokemon trading card game. The scenario of the game is that you are a warlock, overlord, wizard, meathead, etc. trying to bring around the end of the earth, as was attempted by loser high-school kids around the globe with their shit card games. To win you must gain 20 souls in total through battle. It has a unique game structure, by having upgrades given to the 'insert monster name here'.It went all to shit when sales went down. Now they are available for discount, as was mentioned by this weird guy i know.
Kid 1: "Hey I got a starter set of Hecatomb!"
Kid 2: "Heca-what?"
Kid 1: "Hecatomb!"
(long akward pause)
Kid 2: "Instead of playing with your little you-gay-oh cards, why don't you try to get aids. All the cool kids do it."
Kid 1: "Okay!"
(proceeds to get aids)
by WRYYYYYYY October 24, 2006
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