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1. A term used when a girl has a guy under their command.
2. Means the guy will pretty much follow their girl's every wish and do whatever she wants.
"So, how's Chris?"
"I have him wrapped around the finger."
by chris hardewig January 22, 2006

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A show about a girl that can't sing worth a damn and knows her life sucks so she makes everyone else's life suck by singing songs about her awful life.
Oh no, I'm pregnant! Since my life is so unfabulous, I'll sing a song about pregnancy and pills!
by Chris Hardewig September 16, 2007

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A common term used to describe people that live in southern Ohio, but act or talk more like people from Kentucky.
"Hey, I'm from Southern Ohio."
"Oh, you mean Hamiltucky?"
by Chris Hardewig November 14, 2005

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Dick Cheney with a loaded shotgun.
Watch out, everyone! There's a Loaded Dick on the loose again!
by Chris Hardewig March 17, 2009

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1. To pull back
2. To evacuate or escape
We must with draw from the attack!
by chris hardewig April 19, 2006

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