1. Not fabulous.
2. It's a show on Nick about a girl that whines & writes the crappiest songs ever. Also note that she has a bad voice.
1. I wish my life wasn't so unfabulous.
2. Aww man, I lost my lipgloss again!!!!!!11!1!1oneone1!1! I'm going to write a song about it!
by Not a stupid idiot September 12, 2005
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THE WORST SHOW ON EARTH. wow seriously if u like this show= u have NO LIFE
just go to channel 25 for an example of the show UNFABULOUS
by joellebellx3 October 11, 2005
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a stupid show on disney channel, that a girl can't freakin sing on.
do i need an example, its pretty obvious. :)
( Unfabulous
by karenddddddddd October 19, 2008
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A show about a girl that can't sing worth a damn and knows her life sucks so she makes everyone else's life suck by singing songs about her awful life.
Oh no, I'm pregnant! Since my life is so unfabulous, I'll sing a song about pregnancy and pills!
by Chris Hardewig September 16, 2007
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When behavior or style is beyond ratchet and totally unacceptable even for ghetto or trailer trash behavior or style.
Mimi's behavior and lifestyle on "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta " is ghetto unfabulous.
by Candi Cone April 12, 2016
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