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A place where loser wanna be gangsters live and pretend to "keep it real". Mostly they want to be called E-Dogg or Ea$y Money, but they actually drive their mom's Jaguar and live in a house their mom bought.
I'm goin down to Hamiltucky to get an H-Town Tatood for my mom.
by Messy Jesse January 05, 2009
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The city of Hamilton in southwestern Ohio has a reputation for its residents having a very low socio-economic status. It is also historically correct that many poor families from Kentucky migrated to Hamilton during WWII when wartime jobs were widespread in Hamilton. Thus, people in the region started refering to the "low-class" city of Hamilton has Hamiltucky and its residents as Hamiltuckians.
Man those people were morons, but what would you expect from Hamiltuckians from Hamiltucky?
by Frank Scanlan March 15, 2008
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A slang term/nickname for hamilton Ohio, a small-white-racist-conservative-inbred-hick town in southern Ohio. Its nickname comes from all the white Appalachian rednecks that came to the town for jobs decades ago.

hamilton is known for nothing other than all the hicks in the town and how incredibly boring it is. It's by far the least diverse city its size in the state at 90% white. West of the river is all rich white hicks and east of the river is all middle class and trailer park white hicks. The few non-whites in the city live in a tiny neighborhood just S and SE of downtown. There is no ghetto or hood in hamilton, the eastside resembles a rich suburb of Boston. The only drug found in the city is Meth. It's also a very safe city, take out the few thefts, robberies, and burglaries committed by meth heads and the crime rate is comparable to Mayberry. The closest think to a gangsta in hamilton are suburban rural farmboy wiggers from East avenue. 85% of the population is inbred. The city is also very conservative socially and politically. One plus is that it has the best urban school district in the state. Basically the lamest town ever.
guy: "do you wanna go through Hamiltucky while we're down here?"
dude: "where? and what for? oh you mean hamilton?, I saw enough hicks while I was in Cincinnati, now let's get back to civilization in Northeast Ohio, where there's actually urbanness and diversity"
by urbandiversity315 August 12, 2009
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A common term used to describe people that live in southern Ohio, but act or talk more like people from Kentucky.
"Hey, I'm from Southern Ohio."
"Oh, you mean Hamiltucky?"
by Chris Hardewig November 14, 2005
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