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1. short for bourgeoisie
2. nickname for someone whose last name
is Boudreau
look at that kid with his AF jeans and Gap shirt - he's so booj
by chirs April 25, 2005

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(adj) a variable & subjective measure of coolness, depending on the extent to which the user finds the cosbys cool
example 1 -
me: shut up! the cosbys are cool
you: yeah, so is your cardigan

example 2 -
me: what do you think of my new slacks?
you: they're cosby cool
by chirs March 24, 2005

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(n) short for donkey puncher
that guy is such a puncher
by chirs March 29, 2005

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a person whos parents are 2nd cousins.
your worse than a dirty osama
by chirs October 21, 2003

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(adj) depressing and/or effusively negative
person1: what's wrong with bill?
person2: he's just so livejournal i don't
know if he'll last another day
person1: oic
by chirs April 05, 2005

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