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Ferociously sharp fingernails used for ripping open presents.
Jane: Why even bother wrapping those so nicely? The kids are just going to tear them open with their Santa Claws.
by Hexis December 24, 2009
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Santa Claws has a variety of definitions.
a)A tiger forging a letter from the North Pole and misspelled Santa Clauses' name.
b)The patron saint of claws.
c)Santa Clauses' son and heir (will soon become the replacement in a couple hundred years)
1. Jimmy: I will soon be coming. Sincerely, Santa Claws.
Jimmy: waddaya do that for?
Tiger: munch, munch...

2. In Switzerland, people often offer flowers and cuticle softeners to Santa Claws.

3. Santa Clause: Claw, you will have to pick one of the reindeer to be your favorite.
Son: Dad, what's that head doing on the top of the sleigh?
Santa Clause: Well, Rudolph's nose still worked even while he was dead...
by nathaniel spritzner July 30, 2005
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