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A stupid and lame new party idea where both male and female friends and family members are invited over to the house of a pregnant woman where the gender, usually unbeknownst to even the future parents, of the unborn baby is revealed via some elaborate display where either the color blue (boy) or pink (girl) is shown. Basically, it is an unnecessary excuse for a party for millennials aimed at grabbing both money and attention, in addition to a baby shower.
Rob: I was invited to a gender reveal party this weekend.
Andrew: What is that?
Rob: Some party where some pregnant lady tells everyone the gender of her unborn baby.
Andrew: Sounds stupid.
Rob: Totally. But my wife's dragging me to it.
by sharkster August 24, 2017
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This party is just another way for parents to possibly capitalize off of procreating. It also robs their friends of weekend opportunities. When put together with the baby shower and the baby's first birthday, the parents are now guaranteed more attention and gifts with this new trifecta. This party is also politically incorrect for modern times, since the baby has not even been born yet; hence the baby has had no time to ponder about what gender it wants to be.
Person 1: Hey!, Do you want to go do something fun today?

Person 2: I wish! I have to go to another gender reveal party. :-(
by Jason Thibert September 02, 2017
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A party that celebrates the gender stereotypes the babies parents will force on their child for the next 16-18 years of their life just because they were born a certain way.
Mom: She's going to be a great mother with loving children.

Mom's bitch ass friend Carol: She's going to love the dolls I got her a will look beautiful in a dress, especially as a

teenager. This gender reveal party is perfect!
by SpinDaddyMike May 31, 2018
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