6 definitions by cellophane

A trendy attention whore who models on a sleazy, ultra-commercialized, subculture exploitative web site run by racist assholes.
That suicidegirl used to sell herself on stileproject all the time.
by cellophane June 16, 2004
the thing that comes before sex
I fucking hate to date.
by cellophane February 7, 2005
Like fuck but, you know, spelled wrong.
I forgot to press the "c" key, so I wrote "fuk."
by cellophane February 7, 2005
A clitoris that has through a medical procedure been streched out to act as a small penis. Usually part of a sex change operation.
That guy is such a lame, bitch-ass peness.
by cellophane September 6, 2002
Ever sense my little sister started listening to Hillary Duff, I lock my doors at night.
by cellophane February 7, 2005