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otherwise known as lavvy loo fucker, lavy loo fucker, lavington loo fucker ect...

relativly new insult that refers to students who have sex in the school toilets.

came so after a teacher walked in on two students fucking in the school toilet at lavington school.
both the students were in year 9 and under the age of consent.

at the time, she was being fucked up the marmite motorway,
when one of the teachers walked in, heard the noise and LOOKED UNDER THE CUBICLE DOOR to see what was going on.

it is then believed that after being caught, but before being dragged off to see the head, that she then procceeded to give her boyfriend a blowjob, AFTER taking it up the ass.

she is such a lavvie loo fucker!!!

she is now claiming that her boyfriend got her pregent and gave her aids. she is also trying to sue him for rape.
by celestial phoenix April 14, 2008
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the latter part of the digestive system.
namely the rectum and anus.

sometimes refers to someone who shits alot.
you know that blond chick, i fucked 'er up the marmite moterway.

by celestial phoenix April 10, 2008
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an serious STD of which there is no known cure.
it is passed on in bodidly fluids, however it cannot survive outside of the human body for long.

Aids has many references, however

Asshole Injected Death Sentence

will always stick in your mind.
by celestial phoenix April 14, 2008
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a blob/string of willy dribble/piss/other fluids that hangs off the end of your dick.

also accounts for urine/seaman still inside the penis.
after visiting the toilet, i then had to deal with some willy drips.
by celestial phoenix April 14, 2008
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a scale from 0 to 10 of how wankable something is.

0 means that you wouldn't think of it.

10 means thats its so wankable that you'll do it there and then.

the wankability of mobile phone porn scores 0.5.
by celestial phoenix June 19, 2008
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