A great movie starring Kevin Bacon, Garret Hedlund and more. The family man and senior vice-president of the insurance company Starship Capital Nick Hume lives a comfortable life with his wife Helen and his sons Brendan and Lucas. While driving back home with his son Brendan after a game of hockey, Nick stops his car in a gas station in a dangerous neighborhood and he witnesses his son being murdered by the punk Joe Darley in the convenience store. When the prosecutor tells the grieving Nick that Joe would get a maximum of three years in prison, Nick tells the judge in court that he has not recognized Joe as the killer of his son. In the night, Nick goes to Joe's place and stabs him to death. When Joe's brother Billy is informed about the death of Joe, he summons his gang in a war against Nick with tragic consequences.
by Risown March 4, 2009
The last hit of a joint/blunt, usually so harsh you choke so hard you die.
by Amanda&Kyndra February 8, 2019
A death sentence is either referring to death row, or referring to a disease with no such cure or treatment, or is very hard to cure or treat. This also applies to injuries as well.
by I'm a stranger! :D November 19, 2020
Deathrow. When you screw up hardcore with your boy/girlfriend and he/she chooses to make you wait an unexplainably long term of anguish before quickly ending your relationship.
Sean: 'Dude, I heard you got caught up in the hump-room with Chelsea.'
Dave: 'Yeah. Megan rolled in right as I was plastering Chel's drywall.'
Sean: 'That sounded so lame. But, what happened? Did she cut off your bubba-ca-doodle?'
Dave: 'Nope. Death sentence.'
Sean: 'That sucks ass for you, bro.
by Boo-heezy September 4, 2005
Another definition of AIDS. Stands for Ass Injected Death Sentence. Otherwise known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
If you give another man a portion and don't wear a johnny then you could go down with AIDS, you know, Ass Injected Death Sentence.
by agoryliver November 12, 2015
self-explanatory....instead of the electric chair, or lethal vaccination, bend the criminal over and have a huge male horse shove his dick inside the person, fuck him savagely, and spray his load inside the body, which by now will have exploded from the massive size of the horse cock.
most don't know that john wilkes booth received the horse cum death sentence after killing honest abe.
by t-nerds26 January 28, 2011