a scale from 0 to 10 of how wankable something is.

0 means that you wouldn't think of it.

10 means thats its so wankable that you'll do it there and then.

the wankability of mobile phone porn scores 0.5.
by celestial phoenix June 19, 2008
An image, thought, or action that can be used to wank to. synonymous with masturbateable.
Damn that girl is looking hot today, shes wankable.
by Los Reyes October 11, 2005
A person, image or video that can be looked at when masturbating, either during or saved for later. Similar to the "spank bank" or saying, "I'm going to jerk off to that".
He's got a nice body, this video is totally wankable.

Look at her in that bikini, that's wankable.
Let's watch this wankable video together
by Jerk Off Bud January 31, 2022
something that instantlyturns you on eg apicture and yu must wank
by Robert dwey May 20, 2008