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Its when your doing your chick from behind, you punch her in the back of the head, and then you cum in her hair.You then order her to make you a sandwich and kick her out of your house.
I was doing your sister doggy style and she started talking shit, so I gave her the Angry Peenoand sent her on her way.
by cb December 20, 2004
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A creature that is constantly on the move, very aware of its surroundings. Has the ability to with a seconds notice appear as if he is "working" and as soon as the coast is clear return to its previous wandering behavior.
by cb May 20, 2003
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Urinating after drinking booze because the feeling was too strong to hold back. After breaking The Seal urination comes almost every minute.
Damn dude I broke the seal, now I'm gonna be pissing all night.
by cb July 21, 2004
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When you run in and out of offices high on the nicotine gum.
by cb May 22, 2003
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Short for "shut your mouth or feel like a trout" which is a derivative of "You had better shut up unless you want a pocket full of water"
Hey P why don't you hurry up?

P: "mouth or trout"
by cb February 20, 2003
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Hawaiian shirt wearing funky smelling fart machine.
by cb May 12, 2003
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To loaf around stopping at everyone you pass to have a conversation of some sort. Usually done at least once when you get to work and once after lunch to make the work day go faster by doing less work and more talking.
Look at that mofo over there shulteing around.
by cb April 18, 2003
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