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The horrible and unedible eating facilities provided to Fitchburg State College Students.
Lets go to daka and then take a daka dump
by Cb November 16, 2004

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A big ass.
Damn girl you got a big donkey. He Ha.
by CB February 03, 2003

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Urinating after drinking booze because the feeling was too strong to hold back. After breaking The Seal urination comes almost every minute.
Damn dude I broke the seal, now I'm gonna be pissing all night.
by CB July 21, 2004

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synonym for off the hook or off the chain...like crazy insane!!
this website is off the hinges!!
by cb November 18, 2004

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Super-high quality cannabis. A combination of Dr. Dre's "the Chronic" and a reference to the Mendocino area of Northern California, ("the Mendo"), the Chrondo refers to that sticky, sweet hippie lettuce Matt Jones knows and loves.
Dude, I was playing frisbee golf and this cop came around, so I threw the "Chrondo" into the pond. Then my damn dog retreived it and I got busted.
by CB February 16, 2005

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a food item, that is fed mostly to the homeless, where which a warm log of human feces is rolled in to a corn or flower tortia and then wrapped into a tacobell wrapper.
bum: will you give me a dollar?
u: no but i'll gladdly give you a shitaco.
by cb October 11, 2003

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5 dollars for 10 cheeseburgers at McDonald's in downtown Griffin. Only available from 11pm to 4am. The best deal in the world.
"You guys up for a Sac O'Chee?"
by CB March 26, 2003

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