24 definition by carol

a guy who likes to party
hey man, you´re a real fiesterino
by CaroL August 02, 2003

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cheif tub-a-guts derived from tub of guts is a term to describe a small pudgy boy whose belly pokes out and goes by the name of Joey.Not to be mistakened of a Joey Kangaroo.
That Joey was a cheif tub-a-guts at the wedding.
That lil basty ate all the food,he's the chief tub-a-guts!
by carol February 08, 2005

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be careful!
chakera-e, you almost stepped into a banana
by CaroL August 02, 2003

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a slapper
" . . . .she's only an' old stoynker" !
by Carol September 24, 2003

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1.) fuck
2.) term used in place of a curse word
3.) sudden impulse word. like "Uh.. or uhm"
1.) Get the nyarf out of here!
2.) Oh nyarf! Holy nyarf!
3.) *falls* Uh... nyarf.
by Carol March 19, 2004

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draining the tites....thinking that life owes you a free ride.. that you fonicate the canine at your place of employment. use every excuse in the book to get what you want . GO off on stress cause you cannot have your way .. so you go of ILLL.. or is that mental. Chosing to have kids.. and the marriage not lasting and using the kids.. who are almost adults as excuses for coming in late everyday
She is milking the system at her workplace
by Carol April 01, 2004

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Dates back to sixteenth-century archaic English, roughly translated "rolling on the floor fucking".
ABC- HAHA! That's so funny!

123- ROTFL!

ABC- Where did Bob and Shirley go? What are they up to?

123- ROTFF
by Carol March 12, 2005

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