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Another word for the female genital region, the vagina.
I fucked her right in the bunty.

Aww he's being a right bunty
by Starkbinnie October 15, 2014
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verb. the act of stealing or taking.
I buntied your pen.
I buntied your place in line.
If you get infront or cut someone off at a traffic light, you would yell: BUNTY!!! or if you take anything from anyone like a pen or whatever, you would yell BUNTY!
by Asif & Asim April 19, 2005
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1. A disgusting, smelly, obese, unhygenic or generally revolting person.
2. A person who is rude, stubborn, selfish and hypocritical.

A mostly English term, this takes its name not from the classic comic for girls, The Bunty, but from Bunty Stent, a famous collector of antique ice lolly/popsicle wrappers. She appeared on a short lived television show during the 70's, and was famous for her disgusting facial features-one eye lower than the other, unkempt hair and a hooked nose. She was also very stubborn to the presenters of several chatshows when she was interviewed about her hobby in the 90's. Bunty died in 2002 of a coronary heart disease, and her name recently started to be used as an insult.

Nowadays, some Britons hearing "You bunty!" will automatically have the same reaction as the words "minger" and "pikey", also common UK terms. Most of the country go all starry eyed and muse "Ooh, Bunty Stent! I remember her, she was on telly with her lollies..." The term is most common in the West Country of Britain, i.e. Devon and Somerset. This is the first time the word has been documented on the web...
Have you seen Wagner on X-Factor? That bunty doesn't deserve to win!
by Citron Jolly Rotten November 02, 2010
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A term for well respected individuals who are considered to be very intelligent.
"Your one heck of a Bunty"
by Carol January 03, 2004
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