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Running around naked like a dousche bag!!
"Were Going Streaking!!!!"
by Caitlyn July 24, 2003

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to freak out, go crazy, or loose the mind.
I lost my keys and now I'm wigging out!
by Caitlyn October 30, 2003

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One of the best rockers in Japan. She's 25. Her real name is Yumiko. And Shiina isn't some dumb J-popper like Olivia Lufkin.
Shiina Ringo sang ''Identity'' in April 2000. In the beginning of the song, she screams: ''EEEEEEEEEEEEE!''
by Caitlyn November 02, 2003

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New school, old teachers. They should have upgraded the teachers along with everything else in the school. stupid
I goes to Nashwa Hye Sowf dood. I gots me a good edjumakaychun.
by Caitlyn March 13, 2005

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More gentle way to say go fuck yourself. Usually used when you dont have the ability to say fuck, or when saying it in a joking manner
Hey, go fork yourself buddy!
by Caitlyn March 02, 2005

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sucking of the penis in which the mouth is up over the head, encasing it, creating a dome.
y0, that georia dome was crunk, i skeeted up in her mouth.
by Caitlyn August 29, 2004

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Delicious rice rolls with the topping inside, usually shrimp or fish.
California Rolls are a delicious type of sushi!
by Caitlyn November 22, 2003

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