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to take someone's anal virginity
do tell him that while of course I can't jef you, I'm still carrying on where he left off...
by boykitten August 30, 2007
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When organising an event on Facebook you can use the rule of thirds to estimate how many people who have said they will or may attend will actually attend.

You can assume that approximately two thirds of those who have said they will attend will turn up, and one third of those who have clicked maybe will turn up.
Bree: Wow, we've got 69 attending and 93 maybes! We better buy some more booze!

Alex: Hold on, by the rule of thirds that's only 77 people, so we're okay with what we've got.
by boykitten May 09, 2011
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Leatherarse is the term given in BDSM to a submissive, slave or bottom who has developed such a resistance to beatings, whippings and spankings that their arse has become leatherlike and will no longer bruise or welt in the manner that would be expected of an average person subjected to similar torture.
Leatherarse can apply to skin on the back, thighs, breasts or anywhere else one can be beaten not just specifically the buttocks.

Some submissives have natural leatherarse but most who attain it develop it over time and/or through training.
Leatherarse, although sometime annoying, is often used as a positive term and seen as something a submissive and their Dom/me can be proud of.

A submissive with leatherarse is by definition almost always also a pain slut.
Domme: That submissive of yours can really take a beating; you've been caning him for an hour and he's only just rosey!
Master: Yup, he's a total leatherarse.

Submissive: Can I see the bruises from the spanking you had yesterday?
Slave: No, I've nothing to show because I've got leatherarse.
by boykitten November 16, 2010
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