4 definitions by borisisapussio

Stupid deluded neeks, they don't think of or know of any other country, they have the energy of set 8 year 7s, they're the laughing stock of the world and they think people llike them. Their accents are the most annoying thing I've ever heard like what is "wader" "dood" and they think they can talk when their country is ran by a racist orange rapist...yikes no, please take several seats and go eat a burger. They are all pussios and use guns and cant fight.
Some random american nitty-you wouldnt last a day in america doood, ya'll will get shawt dawg

Every other sane person-Americans are tapped.
by borisisapussio July 7, 2020
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Btec Donald Trump. He looks like a bird had their fucking nest on his head and hes a homophobic Islamophobe, if you support him then you need a therapist.
by borisisapussio July 6, 2020
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This part of London is also very dangerous, best to know where you're going or expect to see a tall guy in a nike tech splash acid in your face. And dont be suprised if you see some nitty giving head in the public toilets
P1-Do you wanna go east london?
P2-LMAOO you think I wanna get my face burnt off?
by borisisapussio July 6, 2020
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Someone who talks the most shit but cries when they have to back it
Person 1-I told her to buck me in sydenham but she didnt come, VERBALISTT
by borisisapussio July 6, 2020
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