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Curly haired. Loves himself, always says he's ugly, obsessed with body building. He is really amazing when it comes to singing, even though he'll tell you he's bad at it. Really sweet when you get to know him but sometimes he's an ass. He will take care of you through everything. Very bipolar at times. He will truly love you until he can't anymore. One of the best friends you could ever ask for. People always fall for him but sometimes its not a good thing. Broken many hearts, including the one he said he was in love with. Different around certain people and is much nicer when he's not with his friends. Chaydon's are the best and worst thing that will ever happen to you.
Me: I love how sweet Chaydon is!
You: Ya except when he's with his friends.
by bootylicious March 17, 2015

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