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1.A sick dick
2.A green and (preferrably) large and long vegetable that's used in place of a penis to fuck
1. "Girl, Marcus showed me his cucumber last night. I was like, 'boy you can suck that yourself or go to the doctor for that shit!'"
2. "Girl, I'm goin to the store to get me some cucumbers. Marcus isn't handlin his business."
by Bootylicious June 23, 2004
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running the train on your friend who visits for christmas.
We gonna take her upstairs and give her the polar express.
by bootylicious December 13, 2004
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What all my fuck buddies like to do every Friday night.
Dre: A, Mickey, pass the pussy yo.
BB: I'm sayin nigga. I want som'a dat!
Mickey: I'ma bust in a couple seconds, get ready
Me: I got this, Mick, I'm a pro.
Dre: A, pass the fuckin pussy.
Mickey: (pullin up his pants) Aight, I'll see you next friday!
Me: Next!
by Bootylicious June 23, 2004
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Fat Urbans Buy Us
LOOK That Fat Urban
by Bootylicious December 05, 2003
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