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sleeping when ya got something goin' later on that you need to get ready for.
"i was about to go to the club, but i needed a disco nap to feel refreshed."
by Boomer March 28, 2002

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n. friend of the same sex, usually male. Derived from the members of the Dogg Pound. pl.: dogs
How've you been, dog? Long time no see!
by Boomer December 15, 1999

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Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
my grandpa vs. an iMac
by boomer May 22, 2001

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a girl who has a great body but a lame face
"everything be looking good BUT HER HEAD"
by boomer October 28, 2001

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1)where you can actually see the stars at night
2)Find real cowboys
3)a girl is a girl a boy is a boy
4)where only a few kids ride their horses to school
5)having the phone is a luxury
6)where a rodeo is more popular than madonna
7)where if you stand on the side of the highway with your hood up and someone stops to help you
8)where the cows make up half the population
9)where the elevation exceeds the population
10)everyone owns more than 40 pairs of long johns
11)100 is too hot 30 is normal and 20 below is cold
12)where giving the bird means look up
13)people actually wave
14)places are considered cities when the pop. is over 500
15)where the high school students have nothing better to do then this
2nd largest city in wy City of Powell population 5375
by boomer December 01, 2004

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a girl that's fugly
damn, that girl you brought over last night was a freakin' boogawoof
by Boomer December 11, 2001

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From the RPG Shadowrun. Used also as " runner'.

Somebody who receives wages from:

- international corporations
- crime organisations
- independant people claiming revenge... or something else
- others


- Steal data / objects
- " Extract" ( see "extraction" later) somebody
- kill somebody
- sabotage corporate/ private installations

Somebody who performs a shadowrun .
this day and age, things change so fast that the centrifugal force of progress will shear your head right off. Shadowrunners like us need to keep up with the latest developments. When you run a B&E, you need to know what nasty new security feature might try to cut you in two as much as you need to know which nova new magic formula is worth snatching. It's the state of the art, chummer-it'll make you cred or get you dead."

State of the Art 2063
by Boomer March 25, 2005

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