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a yoyo that doesn't come back.
person1: "hey, let's go beat up some people whose skin tone differs from ours!"

person2: "can do! right after i wind up this yo.."
by bobross October 23, 2010

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A traveling kid who doesn't wear shoes, has little use for showers...

Common characteristics:
- Lives with a girlfriend.
- Has gnarly dreads.
- Unconventional, yet charming.
- Freeloading vegan.

Dirty kids have the potential to smell normal.
Andrew Hippie: Whoa, that guy smells like he drank a fourth of vodka out of a locker room hamper. Dirty kid much?

Elkins: That's a crusty kid. Dirty kids have less puke and more bottlecaps in their dreads.
by bobross July 14, 2011

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The practice of manipulating the channels of transportation afforded by a couch, snow (and/or ice) and a sloped surface. A one-way trip in the absence of a truck, van or other gas-powered hauling device.
Roommate 1: "Bro, we snowcouched that shit all the way down 18th."

Roommate 2: "Snowcouching? Is THAT why there's no furniture in the living room?"
by bobross January 26, 2010

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One who has mastered the arts and letters of sarcastic speech. No, really...
Andrew the Emo Cat: AmAzing! This Oregon weather has got me jumping_up_and_down.

Neo: You must think you're awesome. Freaking sarcastians....
by bobross April 08, 2011

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1. To get a ride out of town on a freight train.

2. To successfully attain a ride for hitchhiking purposes.
Dirty Kid: Let's jut kick it, right?

Crusty Kid: No way! I'm going to sleep. I gotta catch out in the morning.

Andrew Hippie: How are you getting to Portland?

Kung Fu Kitty: I'm headed down to the 5 right now to catch out!
by bobross January 17, 2013

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Whichever substance is between the teeth when hippies is masticating; Any vegan mush that is currently being devoured.
SunChild: Oy! What are you munching on?

Sage: This is organic eggplant hippie chow! Have a bite.
by bobross January 15, 2012

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Phrase used to silence an offending individual, cautioning them of the risks of openly discussing counterculcutural and/or taboo activities in a society that cooperates with a punitive state organization.

Short for 'dude, chill, security culture.'
Amigo: At this point, we'll be blocking traffic, so the strike team will be able to take out the equipment. that should buy us some time to mount a p.r. campaign against these fatcats.

Compadre: looks around quickly dcsc!
by bobross December 07, 2013

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