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A statement or claim that is less than plausable
You are going to have a tough time making aluminium from that bauxite Buddy.

I call bauxite
by gfhsk April 11, 2009
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The Redneck City of AR. The City of Bauxite is full of Druggies, Alcoholics, Sex Offenders, AND WHITES. You will hardly see a black person in the city limits of Bauxite. Considering there are "hanging trees" somewhere behind the high school. At the high school, there are druggies, alcoholics, and soon to be drop outs. Very little actually GRADUATE from Bauxite High. Most girls at Bauxite usually end up pregnant before they reach high school. And the students go behind the New Gym to get high or to smoke a cigarette at lunch. The staff goes out to their car to smoke at lunch. And the staff DOESN'T CARE.
by Lil Bit1988 October 05, 2010
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A place where education goes to die.
Me-"Man, Bauxite sucks!"
Everyone Else-"We know!"
by coolcat42 November 07, 2017
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