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knowing something special, exciting or dangerous will happen soon
with will's spider sense he was able to avoid the gang bang that happend down the alley he decided not to walk down.
by bob dylan October 09, 2003
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someone who wears a respectable suit but listens to RnB music. he also works a 52 hour day in morrisons.which means that his day is 2 and 3 quarters longer than yours! hes a mathematician you see. he can work stuff out real good!
hohoho.the windspeed is 10000 kmp.
o dear. this pint does not have anough beer in it.
o no....i just spilt mustard on my suit...
o dear. o no.
by bob dylan May 06, 2005
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Ass i'd like to fist
walking into common room Salute: Fist beating heart

your a bit AILF

A word used by the new wave of sixth formers
by bob dylan May 06, 2005
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describes a person with a hair like a dead dog which has been revolved over a wooden spoon
i know a man called matt duffell. he is asian
by bob dylan July 17, 2004
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when usually males grab each others croch or ass
Vinny:pete will you and dave stop playing u fags.
Dave: shut up were just playing a game
by Bob Dylan April 15, 2005
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Jmes fuck buddy fo life;a person jme p wants to spend his life with;i love you;even though u dont come to skoo.
i wanna spend the rast of mah life with u even though "i dont love you"
by bob dylan December 11, 2003
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A hoe you just take home and wear out.
You wanna finish this chicked head off
by Bob dylan January 05, 2005
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