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(vb) To turn up the volume or intensity.
The basketball team needs to amp up its defense.

His Math SAT is just 520. He better amp up 30 decibels to get into M.I.T.

Can't hear you dog. Amp it up, will you?
by Bill Peters October 08, 2006

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A doctrine which emerged in 1960s as an offshoot of the Nation of Islam. The belief is that mankind began about one million years ago in the Mideast (Black people are today refered to as "Asiatic Black Man.") The doctrine holds that 85% of the people are presumed to be chumps, spending their life deluded and ripped off. 10% do the ripping off, are in the scams of entertainment, sports, politics, religion, business, etc., and live as fat cats but in sin. Only 5% have the knowledge and moral standing to be the world’s teachers. Non-black people are not excluded from the ranks of the potential righteous and the doctrine holds that one's works and life are more important than skin color.

The doctrine has lately undergone a vigorous ressurgence thanks in large part to hip-hop artists, particularly Busta Rhymes, Wu-Tang, Rakim and Big Daddy Kane. The movement now refers to itself as the “Nation of Gods and Earths.”

Despite trappings, the movement has only the most tenuous links to Islam. Most importantly, adherrants believe in several gods, that the words of prophets have been distorted beyond recognition and that the Five Percent are in themselves, Gods or at least the Gods' agents.
"I wanna big up Five Percent Nation Of Islam, Yeah!"

-- Busta Rhymes, from "New York Shit"
by Bill Peters October 08, 2006

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This word has been in wide use around the Chicago area since I was a kid in the 1960s. It is the nasty black conglomerate of snow, ice, soot and car exhaust particles that forms underneath your car or truck after weeks of constant sub-freezing weather.
In Chicago, snard is an ever present visual reminder of how depressing winter can be.

You can near the unmistakable sound from the alley of someone knocking snard from their car.

Snard is the number one reason for rusting undercarriages in UP Michigan.

Snard makes car wash operations rich.

Snard is about the yukkiest stuff ever.

People down here in Maryland have no concept of what snard is. They are lucky.
by Bill Peters August 31, 2006

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According to Daily Show correspondent Rob Cordry, Macaca is a small European country, whose inhabitants "never look back", they are so happy to leave.
Stewart: "Where exactly IS Macaca?"
Cordry: "Right next to YA PEE-PEE"
by Bill Peters August 16, 2006

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Term used by Vietnam War GI's to describe the unfortunant and frequent practice of torching (via Zippo lighters) of straw huts (hooches) in villages (villes) suspected of harboring or abetting Vietcong soldiers. The term has since come to mean arson of any kind.
Numerous Zippo raids are recounted in the movie "Full Metal Jacket"
by Bill Peters October 07, 2006

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(n) A short, catchy statement meeting the short attention requirements of TV news. Sound bites have the annoying habit of being play again and again ad nauseum. In fact, newscasts are increasingly built around sound bites instead of hard news and analysis. And public relations firms earn huge bucks cooking up sound bites for political spin and damage control.
One memorable sound bite (1984 Debate) from Vice Presidential candidate Lloyd Bensten countering Dan Quayle's comparision of himself to President John Kennedy.

Bensten: "I knew Jack Kennedy. He was a friend of mine. You are no Jack Kennedy."
by Bill Peters November 23, 2006

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(adj) Cretin-like, idiotic, boorish (Word found in many early 20th Cent dictionaries has enjoyed recent slang usage, especially among hackers. “Crétin” is a not entirely respected French dialectal term for a deformed or retarded person)
Brittney Spears is a cretinous poster-girl.
by Bill Peters November 10, 2006

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