3 definitions by bigtall

an object or animal companion, that is used by a gay, fag, or faggy person to express feelings or vicariously extend their emotions through to disguise sexual advances on heterosexual individuals.
when walking down the street a gay man passed by with his new puppy that approached me excitedly, when i went to pet his puppy the gay man said excitedly, "She likes you!". i promptly pulled my hand away from his fagatar as his motives were clear.
by bigtall June 10, 2008
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the clutched and calloused tool of destruction commonly wielded by retards when attempting to emphasis a point, opinion, or to generally cause pain.
"I kicked that tard out and he put his tardfist through my window!"
by bigtall March 21, 2008
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when a retards attempt at hygene is destroyed by a giant bowel movement floating in the bath tub
"don't touch me tardtanic!"
by bigtall March 21, 2008
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