Any person or being that considers the movie "Avatar" as a masterpiece or just really loved it, perhaps even shed a few tears at the end.
Person 1: -Hey you guys, I'm going to see the movie Avatar in 3D for the 5th time, wanna come ?
Me: -Shut up fagatar!
by DeLq January 17, 2010
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an object or animal companion, that is used by a gay, fag, or faggy person to express feelings or vicariously extend their emotions through to disguise sexual advances on heterosexual individuals.
when walking down the street a gay man passed by with his new puppy that approached me excitedly, when i went to pet his puppy the gay man said excitedly, "She likes you!". i promptly pulled my hand away from his fagatar as his motives were clear.
by bigtall June 10, 2008
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A dwarf, midget, or gnome (usually gay) who bares a pony tail, pigtail, or other hair type extension which is used for sexual purposes by placing the bound hair over the shaft of another mans erect penis in order to simulate the connection made between the creatures in the movie Avatar.
by pipefitter64 September 28, 2010
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Some gay-ass japanimation about a bald headed kid riding a flying buffalo or something. It sucks harder than most japanimation and that's saying something.
Goddamn TiVo keeps taping Fagatar the Last Shitbender without being asked.
by SkidMarkyMark September 25, 2007
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