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A slogan conceived by the same group of people who believe there are 500 genders. It is often regurgitated by scientifically illiterate teenagers and adults who are staunch communists and have not earnt their first paycheck.
'Trust the science, bigot. Not wearing a piece of fabric over your face is literally murder',
'Well aCtUaLlY, every part of my body apart from my brain is female, so I mUsT bE a BoY. Trust the science, bigot'.
by bigboobies007 February 16, 2022
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Nikki Minaj's adaptation of the word 'dick' in the song 'Stupid Hoe' (2011)
Not to be confused with 'DisNick', an unironically named kid's channel
'you can suck my diznick, give my ass some kisses'
by bigboobies007 November 17, 2019
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The opposite of "it's ma'am". A gloriously cringe-worthy exclamation from an unhinged girl who attended Jeff Younger's speech at UNT Denton. This 'sir' also claimed her female friend was 'more of a man' than Younger, generating mocking laughter from Younger.
by bigboobies007 March 3, 2023
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A cancerous Facebook group, riddled with lefties, claiming to be neither left nor right wing. That's a blatant lie, obviously. Members there take issue with how fucked up America is, posting mainly about the lack of gun control and inaccessible healthcare.
Anyone with an opposing viewpoint is bullied, called any kind of existing/non-existent ...-phobe, muted and/or removed.
'Things only Americans think are debatable' is used to express disdain at American ('Seppo') actions.
Alyssa: I've just left this awful group called 'Things only Americans think are debatable'.
John: Oh yeah, I was kicked out of that last February because I questioned the leftist claim of there being 843 genders.
Alyssa: Omg how terrible, bet you were called a transphobe and white supremacist.
by bigboobies007 August 11, 2019
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An adjective commonly found in the prospectuses of 'insert subject studies' courses, often to present them as being more interesting and useful than they really are.
Here at UC Berkley, we take pride in our Gender and Sexuality Studies programme. This is an interdisciplinary course, providing a universal insight into pertinent issues surrounding gender, women and sexual orientation around the world.
For over two years, Boston College has offered an MA in Fat Studies. This course is interdisciplinary, and explores how fat people are oppressed by non-fat people and dieticians.
by bigboobies007 December 18, 2020
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A 'trans woman' is a man. Hope this clears things up!
by bigboobies007 March 3, 2023
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The abbreviation for Sucker Idiolising Mediocre Pu$$y. A simp is a weak man who overvalues women. He will do anything. A classic example is Simon from the Inbetweeners, who simps after Carli all day in the hopes of getting with her. Most simps are often below-average, unfit, hairy and stinky, and have no self-awareness to the point they think they have a chance with a fit girl. Lol. Don't be a simp.
Simp: I am incredibly sorry to all the womxn in the world for my the patriarchy. Every womxn I see running for office, I will vote! Every victim of the patriarchy shall receive $50 from my bank account!
Man (bc simps aren't real men): No, please don't. Go shave.
by bigboobies007 August 3, 2020
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