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A cancerous Facebook group, riddled with lefties, claiming to be neither left nor right wing. That's a blatant lie, obviously. Members there take issue with how fucked up America is, posting mainly about the lack of gun control and inaccessible healthcare.
Anyone with an opposing viewpoint is bullied, called any kind of existing/non-existent ...-phobe, muted and/or removed.
'Things only Americans think are debatable' is used to express disdain at American ('Seppo') actions.
Alyssa: I've just left this awful group called 'Things only Americans think are debatable'.
John: Oh yeah, I was kicked out of that last February because I questioned the leftist claim of there being 843 genders.
Alyssa: Omg how terrible, bet you were called a transphobe and white supremacist.
by bigboobies007 August 11, 2019
The Student Room is an online forum for teenagers, primarily, but you'll always find adults who exercise their bragging rights because their little Annabelle or Toby got 14 A*s at GCSE and 4 A*s at A Level, and is going off to Oxbridge. This bragging is omnipresent among students too.
There are many different kinds of forums, ranging from 'I got rejected from Oxford. Am I still special?' to 'My friend got into Teesside and is happy. How do I let her down?'. As demonstrated by these forum names, there is a lot of fapping to Oxbridge and its equivalents, where a common mentality is present, that being 'if you don't get in, you fail at life'.
Politically, it is leftward skewed. Surviving for a day as a righty is impossible, as you are hurled abuse from the left majority, being referred to as more -ists and -phobes than there are made up genders. Consequently, an admin or rep will fish you out of the crowd and shut you down.
Things not to criticise on the Student Room: Islam, Positive Discrimination, Wage Gap *coughs* bullshit *coughs*, Racism against white people (rEVerSEd RaCiSm), feminism, gender being a spectrum, Oxbridge (the OJW (Oxbridge Justice Warriors) will be on your back), Immigration etc.
Typical 'The Student Room' threads and responses:
OP: How do I get into Oxbridge with 7 Bs and 3 As?
Reply: Hahaha you must be joking, try somewhere of your level, maybe Leeds Beckett?
OP: Anyone going on the Durham open day?
Reply: I got an offer, but I don't need to go as I got an offer from Cambridge instead.
OP: My RE teacher told us Mohamed married an 8 year old but didn't consummate the marriage. Is she lying?
Reply: Uh no! Islam teaches love and acceptance, and will benefit the western world!
OP: I think immigration should be stricter as it's not economically sustainable to have open borders.
OP: How do I live after a Durham rejection?
Reply: Lol your personal statement must have been proofread by someone at Leicester.
by bigboobies007 August 11, 2019
The abbreviation for Sucker Idiolising Mediocre Pu$$y. A simp is a weak man who overvalues women. He will do anything. A classic example is Simon from the Inbetweeners, who simps after Carli all day in the hopes of getting with her. Most simps are often below-average, unfit, hairy and stinky, and have no self-awareness to the point they think they have a chance with a fit girl. Lol. Don't be a simp.
Simp: I am incredibly sorry to all the womxn in the world for my the patriarchy. Every womxn I see running for office, I will vote! Every victim of the patriarchy shall receive $50 from my bank account!
Man (bc simps aren't real men): No, please don't. Go shave.
by bigboobies007 August 3, 2020
A scheming, disingenuous act of kindness and selflessness to show ones solidarity with a cause, such as volunteering for CAMHS, all to boost ones image and reputation, rather than to help the cause. It is commonly weaponised by politicians and used in debates to appease the majority.
Synonyms: I have no life, I'm a cuck, please give me attention, stop mansplaining
Antonyms: I'm smart, I'm sexy, I'm not a 28 year old living in his mother's basement, I've got a nice schlong
Examples of virtue signalling:
- Jeremy Corbyn introducing his pronouns during a speech on Pink News
- Simon Cowell allowing a mediocre comedian to progress to the finals of Britain's Got Talent because he was disabled
- 18 year old college students stating their obvious gender pronouns in their Instagram/Twitter bios
- Wokeness - wokeness is virtue signalling, and virtue signalling is wokeness
- Michelle Williams' irrelevant and unnecessary speech at the Golden Globe Awards
- Refuting the scientific reality of biological sex
by bigboobies007 January 8, 2020
'Ok boomer' - a phrase referring to the Baby Boomer generation, born between 1946 and 1964, but in general to anyone who looks older than 30 and has 'regressive' views. The phrase 'ok boomer' is used mostly by leftists when their viewpoint is challenged. Just like any joke the left makes, it has become unfunny to the point that it cannot be used ironically.
Leftist cuck: 'I feel so bad for Iran, I am fully regretful for the death of Qassem Soleimani, killed by evil cis het white men!'
Someone with a brain: 'You realise he was a terrorist, against basic human rights for LGBTQEJGKNRSGP+ people?'
Leftist cuck: 'Ok boomer'
by bigboobies007 January 8, 2020
Mairéad is a very loud, hearty girl with lots of personality and warmth for everyone. She excels academically and has a fond interest in the arts and humanities. Initially, she comes across as quite reserved and lost, but as soon as she opens her gob, you know that first impressions don't last!
'Did you see that Mairéad girl at Gwyenth's party?'
'Yeah she was hilarious. Didn't expect her to be so funny'
by bigboobies007 November 17, 2019
Yet another interdisciplinary field that has no relevance to the real world. Fat Studies explores fat scholars, fat people, fat problems, and leaves you with a fat debt at the end of it. It would literally disappear into thin air (no pun intended) if there were no fat people.
Neon green-haired girl with septum piercing: Hi theydies and gentlethems, I am Clarxssa. I go by ze/zim pronouns and I major in fat studies at the University of Kentucky.
by bigboobies007 December 19, 2020