A buzzword used by schools and institutions to make a course or project sound fancier or more complex than it really is.
My Interdisciplinary Geology course was the weirdest mix of Geology and Psychology students - nobody knew what was going on.
by Roadasaurus May 17, 2016
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An adjective commonly found in the prospectuses of 'insert subject studies' courses, often to present them as being more interesting and useful than they really are.
Here at UC Berkley, we take pride in our Gender and Sexuality Studies programme. This is an interdisciplinary course, providing a universal insight into pertinent issues surrounding gender, women and sexual orientation around the world.
For over two years, Boston College has offered an MA in Fat Studies. This course is interdisciplinary, and explores how fat people are oppressed by non-fat people and dieticians.
by bigboobies007 December 18, 2020
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