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An adjective desribing one or more people who intend on leaving a particular place. Audi's model 5000 sedan was plagued with a problem charcterized by unintended acceleration, in which drivers' complained that the vehicle lurched forward when their foot was on the brake pedal. In reality, it turned out that the acclerator and brake pedals were unusually close together. This is why Audi 5000 is associated with leaving quickly, because that is what this vehicle did when some old fartknocker hit the gas instead of the brakes.
"I'm Audi 5000". or "I'm Audi".
by Big Pimp March 01, 2005

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One who portrays or acts like a thug, yet is pussy when it comes down to the ladies
Holdin' his glock. Big Dave was straight up Pussy-thug when he started cryin' 'cause his two-week long relationship ended.
by Big Pimp December 10, 2003

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a person of asian decent
(ie. asian persuasian)
that suasian chick is hella tight, yo!

that suasian chick got a beast ride,
...but she can't drive fo' sheeeit!!!
by big pimp November 19, 2003

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more than one suasian
...asaian people
there's mad suasians @ UCLA
by big pimp November 22, 2003

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Totally awesome. A good thing that has transpired. Descriptive of something that is favorable and somewhat unexpected, like finding $20 in your pocket. Correct pronounciation places more emphasis on the word "BOOTY" and comparably less on the word "horse".
"I heard that Professor Felcher said that going to lectures are optional.", said Timmy.
"That is BOOTY horse.", said Justin Z.
by Big Pimp January 30, 2005

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A pimped ass bitch who pulls on the mother fuckin hoes!
Snoop Dog is the pimp nizzle of the hoeizzles
by BIg pimp January 06, 2004

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Yankee Doodles:
a sports bar in Santa Monica, CA.
on the 3rd st promonade
billiards, food, booze, and foozeball
ask for Sabrina!!!
in conversation:
-yo, you tryin' ta chill at the doodle tonight?
-nah, that Sabrina chick is wack, I'm goin ta Q's

as a statement:
Brad is the big pimp at the doodle
by big pimp November 20, 2003

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