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An organized or loose alliance of friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and classmates who overtly or accidentally conspire to keep one from engaging in sexual relations with another or laying the foundation therefore. SEE: Josh, Mike, Mauriah, et al.
I could have gotten all kinds of ass at the party last night had the League of Extraodinary Cockblockers not been there to fuck my shit up.
by big July 31, 2003

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when a girl is blocked form getting action
She just got cuntblocked
by Big April 03, 2005

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Affectionate term used to describe the son of a Big Daddy. Typically a little daddy will show early signs of following in his fathers footsteps.
That little daddy is really smooth with the ladies.
by big March 29, 2005

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A gator slide is to reverse mount a toilet with your head facing the systen, then proceeding to take a mud that slides down the front of the bowl giving the illusion of an alligator mud slide, which cannot be flushed away, i.e. normally goes hard, quite impressive
Who the fuk gator slided this motha fuka, that shit stinks
by Big May 11, 2004

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A damn sexy man
"Damn Big-E is SEXY"
by Big December 21, 2003

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1. The guy or girl that you like or are feelin, but haven't said anything to.

2. Another name for the one in your life that is only good for sex.
I can't stand Shaniqua, but she is a good booty poodle.
by BIG March 09, 2004

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substitute for "fax" - the urbanization of this word arose in the mid-1990's as other examples of street lingo began to infiltrate the common language of popular and even business culture.
"Word, I just recieved your phax with our budget projections for the next fiscal year. They appear to be the shizzle."
by BIG August 05, 2004

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