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a place where 95% of the uber scenesters and hip indie kids from all across the globe get together to show off their spiffy make-up, duds, do's and occaisionally don'ts as well.
Why hello, yes I believe I've seen you on madradhair as well.
by betsy February 26, 2004
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Strictly Italians and they know business. None of these little hometown "gangs" and bullshit that think they're cool cuz they smoke shit and pick on other kids.learn your shit before you call yourselves a mafia!
stupid conformist who doesnt understand anything: "dude, the ridgway mafia is supposed to fight the st. marys mafia tonight"

really ticked off person b/c ppl dont understand that *mafia* is strictly Italian: "what the hell? we live in red neck central, PA. right next to wiggers town"
by betsy April 20, 2005
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inexpensive small packet of crackers with cheese or peanut butter filling
"Can we stop here and get some Nabs? I need a snack."
by betsy September 30, 2004
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Robin Vancleave...gives oral to your puppys
Omg! Hide the dogs Dog Sucker is coming!
by betsy December 29, 2004
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(n.) lusting over projects on craftster.org or the process of crafting.
Millie has her door shut and all I can hear is the rhythmic thudding and whirring of her sewing machine. I think she's craftsterbating again.
by betsy January 20, 2005
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