a place where 95% of the uber scenesters and hip indie kids from all across the globe get together to show off their spiffy make-up, duds, do's and occaisionally don'ts as well.
Why hello, yes I believe I've seen you on madradhair as well.
by betsy February 26, 2004
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A piece of shit website where underage kids go to get made fun of for not having cool enough hair or being fat. Perfect place to find underage n00dz and fat girls licking their nipples.
Jack and Tim are fucking faggots who think they're awesome because they're admins on madradhair.
by Jesspa July 13, 2005
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MADRADHAIR is the widely popular website/community on livejournal that is dedicated to hair. The hairstyles in said community are usually trendy "scene cuts", sported by girls and boys that smoke bitch sticks and wear tight pants.

See also MadradSUCK
-All those kids on MADRADHAIR wear huge sunglasses!

-I can't find any hairstyles on MADRADHAIR that don't completely suck a donkey's ballsack.

-Those MADRADHAIR kids have pretentious hair.
by Hendrika April 15, 2006
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