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A blindly right pundit for the Fox News Channel who also has a radio show. He is a hypocrit, a partison hack, and a liar.

True Quote-

Well, in addition to the absence of evidence about hisJOHN KERRY Indian heritage, there is an absence of evidence, just like John Kerry, that he ever was in combat in Vietnam.
Sean Hannity blindly disregards the truth
by ben1 August 24, 2005

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Awesome band that is known for its loud, no frills rock, with sweet piercing vocals. Great for football games, or anytime.
Back in Black, Hells Bells, Shook Me All Night Long are some great AC/DC Songs
by ben1 August 29, 2005

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A man that has made tens of millions of dollars by exclusively saying simple words such as "what" and "no" because clueless wanksters have no idea what good rap music is.
"What!" ---> 500 grand in lil john's pocket

"What!" times 1000 ---> a shitload of cash in lil john's pocket
by ben1 October 06, 2005

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A slutty heiress so tremendously stupid that she actually stole one of her own sex tapes being sold at a store, thinking that reducing the number of tapes available by one would actually prevent people from seeing it.
Some people actually idolize Paris Hilton.
by ben1 July 05, 2006

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A singer who was part of an amazing and unique band called No Doubt(which technically still exists). However, she sold out and started a horrible solo career, churning out crappy hip-hop/pop songs. In her band, she was awesome. As a solo act, she is generic and total crap.
Gwen Stefani is the perfect example of a sellout.
by ben1 August 14, 2006

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A Democratic candidate and Iraq War Veteran who ran for Congress in August 2005 in a special election. He just barely lost in an overwhelmingly Republican district, foreshadowing that the Republicans will either lose the Congress in 2006 or at least lose many seats.

(Aug. 05)
Paul Hackett is a great American.
by ben1 August 23, 2005

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A crybaby emo band whose lead singer can't sing. So he screams.

What is horrible screaming?

The Used.
by ben1 July 06, 2006

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