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A neighborhood in Manhattan that thinks it is less snobby/wealthy than the Upper East Side, when in fact it's EXACTLY THE SAME.
"Yo, is that person from the Upper East side?"

"Dunno, either that or the Upper West Side, I can't tell"
by ben1 August 24, 2005

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An icredibly overrated movie. Pathetic in comparison to Animal House, Harold and Kumar Goes to White Castle, or The 40 Year Old Virgin.
dude2: no
by ben1 August 24, 2005

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A bunch of crybaby emos who only sing about girls, friends, and being sad. They have hair on their face, wear black, and have music videos with coffins. Boo hoo. Also, their band name is just dumb. "My Chemical Romance?" Wtf?
Why is that kid listening to to My Chemical Romance?

He must be emo.
by ben1 July 05, 2006

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An incredible, kick ass band. Known for fusing metal and rap to create a unique funk-like sound. The band is is also capable of producing great melodies, and even balad-style songs. They have been around since the mid 80s when they played a concert wearing nothing but a sock on a particular appendage, and have been rocking ever since. The bass player, Flea, is perhaps the best bass player of all time, and the guitar player, John Frusciante, is also a titan of his instrument.

Great RHCP songs include:

Under the Bridge
Other Side
Parallel Universe
This Velvet Glove
Higher Ground (cover)
and many more.

Undoubtedly one of the best and most visionary bands of all time.
The Red Hot Chili Peppers rock everyones' collective socks.
by ben1 September 03, 2006

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Israel's finest export.
Natalie Portman is one fine lookin' Jew.
by ben1 August 03, 2006

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