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Boobs that belong to a Jewish woman.
Cartman: "You know what a Jewish woman's boobs are called?... Joobs..."
by Beef March 28, 2006
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Gaming league, specialising in cs. Possibly the best thing ever invented.
OMGWTFHAx0R"! I'm 1st on the enemydown LADDER!!!!122
by Beef June 12, 2004
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an olden times american slang word meanining to be less than average.
(also th ebest ska band ! ;-))
man she's hot
nah she is less than jake if you ask me
by beef January 16, 2005
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The act of barfing on another's cock for a laugh.
I saw a fellow homosapien blow chunks down my trousers.
by beef January 06, 2004
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a tobacco cigarette

term mainly used in the boonies of Pennsylvania
dude, i need a schnoozer hardcore
by Beef October 14, 2003
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Name for an act of toolness.
It was toolerific..
by Beef March 20, 2003
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n. somthing so incredibly thug or sweet you get off from it

v. Somthing that causes Thugrections
n. That girl gave me a thugrection

v. Damn that car is thugrectus
by Beef April 05, 2004
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