19 definition by beef

The spurt produced predominantly by men, following love making. Women usually have less love-drip, of their own.
Love dripping - Sauce produced from making love,(the mixture of two or more persons love drip)
She wore his love-drip across her face like a salty veil.
by Beef April 04, 2004

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Phrase uttered by Mustov when he sees or thinks about something he likes. Usually preceded by "Oh"
Mustov, do you like women?
Mustov: OH YAISE!!!
by Beef February 08, 2004

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Big Russian guy who has a uni-brow and who ends most words with either -aise or -aisu. One major exception to this is when he says "Heet Heem" referring to a desier to see someone beasted on the football field or just in general. He has a really hot wife named Natasha, and a brother named Pistov.
"I am Mustov. HEET HEEM!" (guy gets destroyed, helmet comes off) "OH YAISE!!!"
by Beef February 08, 2004

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An unbearable craving for frosh
He began to salivate because he had a tafolla.
by beef March 11, 2003

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A donkey punching machine of cory. In Africa, a prominent form of venerial disease.
Hey guys...I got buchtaed
by beef March 07, 2003

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chewing tobacco

used mainly in the boonies of Pennsylvania

see schnoozer
where's all the toofers at?
by Beef October 14, 2003

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When you become extreamly intoxicated off of captin morgan and passes out in someones trailer. Then that person is awoken by his friends 3 hours later and goes snowboarding. This is know as Running a Marathon
"i wanna run a marathon" said bones
by beef April 17, 2005

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