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An ugly bitch is one who makes you think that when they were born their mom threw out the baby and kept the after birth
they are mean, hypocritcal, and often fat
Kelly Robinson of San Diego California is an ugly bitch.
by Beautiful November 12, 2004
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a gorgeous and sexy laydee
ur such a rhi tonite!
by beautiful August 29, 2003
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kinda like nausia or like a nose job
headache NAUSIA indegestion upset stomach
by Beautiful April 07, 2005
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scabby bastard, bullies people - best stay away from my family because I'll beat the shit out of his crusty scabby no good arsehole. Best watch his fucking back, cause I'm out to get him.

Doesn't get fed, and crawls around the floor like a complete tramp. Eating bits as he finds it. DIRTY BASTARD! Needs some cream for his scabby bastard self.
Likes a good old scratch, watch yourself, you might find some un wanted flacks of skin on your nice food if you are lucky, or he might just pinch the whole lot - skinny bastard!!
by beautiful January 17, 2005
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A very funny but annoying bit\otch in my class who likes to go out with fobs and has alot of talent in other things and is very nice to everyone but hates a girl in grade nine. No names given.
by Beautiful February 15, 2005
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a rubber toy thingy you can buy from markets a bit like a yo-yo but ohhh so much more fun.apparently they are illegal cuz ppl got hurt using em, but i had fun.
by beautiful October 10, 2003
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this is a compound verb used by all the lame ass people in las vegas, nevada; to be a good dancer; the past tense of doing a very good job of dancing.
1. man that girl was getin off
2. ciara be gettin off in her videos!
by beautiful March 25, 2005
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